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Our history

Saving mothers and babies lives since 2005! 


Life for African Mothers has a history of transforming maternity care in Sub-Saharan Africa. Partnering with charities such as IHP and Muntada Aid enables us to supply medicines donations and fund midwifery trips twice a year to our partner facilities in Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Our History: Saving mothers and babies lives since 2005!


Board of directors


From Dr Vincent Fauveau

Endorsement From Dr Vincent Fauveau.png

"I came to know Life for African Mothers during a technical visit to Chad in November 2005, when I was mandated by the UNFPA to give advice to the Ministry of Health for improving the terrible situation of women and neonates around pregnancy and birth. I appreciated the organisations enthusiasm and dedication, and particularly their decision to fight post-partum Haemorrhage, the N°1 killer of women, through provision of Misoprostol at the most peripheral level, i.e. the decentralised health centres. Since that date, the group has evolved and progressed and has succeeded in providing life-saving drugs in selected countries, with good results. Even in retirement I want to continue to support their work, in view of the attainment of the SDG N°3, for the life and better health of mothers is the noblest aim that can be imagined". 

Dr Vincent Fauveau, former Maternal and Newborn and Reproductive Health adviser, United Nations Population Fund, New york and Geneva.

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