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Advancing Midwifery: LFAM’s Workshop in Sierra Leone

In January 2024, Life for African Mothers (LFAM) convened an open midwifery workshop in Sierra Leone, underscoring our commitment to enhancing maternal healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The event specifically catered to midwives, bringing together dedicated professionals for two days of intensive training covering essential topics such as labour care guidance, partograph presentation, misoprostol administration, postpartum haemorrhage management, maturity care, and resuscitation scenarios.

At Kailahun District Hospital, 20 midwives and nurses participated in the workshop session led by Matron Fatmata Musa, Sister Josephine Mansaray, and Sister Isatu Kabia.

Subsequent workshops in Kambia and Koinadugu districts were facilitated by Sister Adama Kamara, Sister Nancy H. Kamara, and Sister Nancy Hawa Khanda. The workshops would not have been possible without the assistance of Morlai Kamara, our dedicated representative in the region.

The highlight of the Koinadugu workshop was the presence of Sierra Leone’s Chief Nursing Officer, Matron Mary Fullah. She made the official announcement, confirming the reduction of maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone. Matron Mary Fullah was teaching at the LFAM midwives champion session and presented certificates to participants, acknowledging their dedication to upholding standards of care.

LFAM’s commitment to empowering healthcare professionals and reducing maternal mortality remains unwavering. Through tailored workshops and medication distribution initiatives, we continue to make strides towards a future where every mother receives the care she deserves.


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